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Day 23 - Half way there

At noon today, the Legislature officially reached the half-way point of the 2007 general session.

So far, we have not had any pitched battles with the Utah League of Cities of Towns and the Utah Association of Counties. We have contacted the League and UAC to schedule an emergency meeting to rectify this situation.

OK, bad joke, but it is nice not to have to fight these guys this year, except maybe Rep. Scott Wyatt's bill (see below).

So far, we haven't found a lot of bills to oppose, except for

- Sen. Hickman's proposal to exempt higher education operations from the spending limit.

- Rep. Harper's bill to reduce gas taxes and impose sales taxes on gasoline purchases.

- Rep. Newbold's bill to subsidize Real Salt Lake's stadium (we'll post more on this later)

In the next couple of days, we'll be posting on the following issues:

- Gov. Huntsman's revised individual income tax proposal, which seems to have generated a lot of support in the Senate and opposition in the House. House Republicans don't like Huntsman's phased out credit or the optional credits for charitable contributions and mortgage interest.

- A Truth-in-Bonding bill by Rep. Greg Hughes

- Rep. Scott Wyatt's bill to change the distribution formula for revenues generated by the 1.0% municipal sales tax. We'll be fighting the League on this bill. We support it. They don't.