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LDS Church Forgoes Subsidies for Redevelopment

City Creek Center -- the LDS Church's recently announced downtown development -- will not be subsidized by taxpayers. What does this mean?

  • No so-called "public-private partnership".
  • No RDA or tax increment financing
  • No free infrastructure.
  • No diversion of tourism taxes.
  • No new taxpayer-funded parking facility
  • No logic-free claims by county and city officials that subsidies for locally-driven retail and entertainment "grow" the economy.
Let's hope this marks a turning point in Utah. If a retail project of this magnitude that requires expensive demolition and site preparation doesn't need taxpayer subsidies, then other retail projects don't either.

And yes, this development will be fully taxable like any other for-profit entity.

Amen and amen.

Please no comments/jokes about for-profit and for-prophet entities

yes--it will only be subsidized by 10% of their members income. Although private, certainly not a "for profit" entity that you would find in the typical market place. This is an apples and pears comparison.

Apples and pears? I don't think so. The church says that no tithing money will be used. I can't verify that, but I'll assume it's correct.

The bottom line: no taxpayer subsidy.

Excellent analysis!

If a private endeavor is truly worthwhile, it can be done without public assistance.

Even a REAL soccer stadium.

The LDS church sets an excellent example for the private sector, Anonymous' not-well-thought-out comments about tithing notwithstanding.

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